Michael Mapél graduated from the theatrically prominent American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and after three intense years with the Academy, he began his lifelong journey into the world of entertainment.

After years of having a successful career in the theatre, he realized he knew nothing of television or film. Michael, always moving forward, believes...
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Movie Reviews

While I am hardly Siskel or Ebert, I do love movies. Primarily classic oldies. Not oldies as in “The Breakfast Club” (1985) or “Halloween” (1978), (which I love) but Classic, Black and White, pre-1950's Oldies. I have been watching classic movies since I was a kid. Those are my favorites. I think they tell us so much about who we are, as well as where we are now. The new Millenium. And more importantly, as actors, where we came from.     (read more...)

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Betrayed: Dancing With Death